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Varisty Schedule
Event DateTimeOpponentLoc
Sat, Feb 1001:00 PMWest Lake (Scrimmage)Shiloh
Wed, Feb 2105:00 PMFranklin CountyShiloh
Thu, Feb 2205:30 PMLanierShiloh
Fri, Feb 2305:30 PMCentral GwinnettCentral
Tue, Feb 2705:30 PMBerkmarShiloh
Fri, Mar 0203:30 PMBerkmarBerkmar
Sat, Mar 0311:00 AMFranklin CountyEmmanuel College
Sat, Mar 0301:00 PMJefferson CountyEmmanuel College
Tue, Mar 0605:30 PMArabia MountainShiloh
Fri, Mar 0905:30 PMCentral GwinnettShiloh
Sat, Mar 1011:00 AMChambleeShiloh
Tue, Mar 1305:45 PMGraysonShiloh
Wed, Mar 1405:45 PMGraysonGrayson
Fri, Mar 1607:00 PMGraysonShiloh
Wed, Mar 2105:45 PMRockdaleRockdale
Fri, Mar 2305:00 PMRockdale (DH Game 1)Shiloh
Fri, Mar 2307:00 PMRockdale (DH Game 2)Shiloh
Mon, Mar 2605:45 PMNewtonNewton
Wed, Mar 2805:45 PMNewtonShiloh
Fri, Mar 3007:00 PMNewtonNewton
Fri, Apr 0601:00 PMDecaturShiloh
Mon, Apr 0905:45 PMSouth GwinnettSouth Gwinnett
Wed, Apr 1105:45 PMSouth GwinnettShiloh
Fri, Apr 1307:00 PMSouth GwinnettSouth Gwinnett
Mon, Apr 1605:45 PMArcherArcher
Wed, Apr 1806:00 PMArcher (Senior Night)Shiloh
Fri, Apr 2007:00 PMArcherArcher
JV Schedule
Event DateTimeOpponentLoc
Tue, Feb 2005:30 PMCentral GwinnettShiloh
Thu, Feb 2205:30 PMCentral GwinnettCentral Gwinnett
Tue, Feb 2705:30 PMBerkmarShiloh
Thu, Mar 0104:00 PMDiscovery (Double Header Game 1)Shiloh
Thu, Mar 0105:30 PMDiscovery (Double Header Game 2)Shiloh
Thu, Mar 0805:30 PMDuluthDuluth
Fri, Mar 0905:30 PMArcherArcher
Tue, Mar 1305:30 PMBerkmarBerkmar
Thu, Mar 1505:30 PMDiscoveryDiscovery
Sat, Mar 1702:00 PMProvidence (Double Header Game 1)Providence
Sat, Mar 1704:00 PMProvidence (Double Header Game 2)Providence
Thu, Mar 2205:30 PMDuluthShiloh
Tue, Mar 2705:30 PMCentral GwinnettShiloh
Thu, Mar 2905:00 PMTournament - JV vs DiscoveryShiloh
Fri, Mar 3005:30 PMTournament - JV at DuluthDuluth